McCarthy backed to save Wolves

Wanderers are 19th in the table, five points adrift of safety after

losing nine of their last 11 league fixtures. Moxey admits the

situation must improve quickly but insists the club’s hierarchy

believe McCarthy is the right man to guide Wolves away from

trouble. In his programme notes ahead of today’s clash with

Sunderland at Molineux, Moxey said: “All of us connected with the

club understand that we have to improve our position and the

biggest challenge in aiming for that is to maintain our confidence

and self-belief. “But internally we believe we have the management

structure and playing staff in place with the required levels of

quality and commitment that will see the team climbing the table.

“What is definitely clear is that our situation won’t be helped if

we allow outside influences such as speculation about the future of

anyone connected with the club – or questions about how successful

we are going to be – to interfere with the task in hand of picking

up positive football results in the forthcoming fixtures. “We know

what we are about and we are focused and together as a unit at the

club from top to bottom. “A successful organisation in any industry

is usually the one which does not press the panic button at

difficult times and does not take any action which ultimately

allows its opposition an advantage. “More than ever now we all have

to stick together as a club, both on and off the pitch, to do what

is right for Wolves and show that the stability we have built up in

recent years can once again help to drive the club forward from a

difficult position.”