McAllister hopeful over Young

McAllister admits it has been “a pretty frustrating season” despite

Villa finishing ninth in the Premier League after back-to-back wins

over Arsenal and Liverpool. Young, who has 12 months remaining of

his current contract, has been linked with moves to Manchester

United or Liverpool, but caretaker boss McAllister is refusing to

give up hope. He said: “I can fully understand people being

interested in Ashley and there is the lure of the Champions League.

“It is a wonderful tournament to play in. “But we are going to try

and convince him to stay here and maybe one or two signings might

make him change his mind. “You live in hope.” McAllister expects

manager Gerard Houllier, who is likely to return to Villa Park

following his heart problems, to stamp his mark on the club via the

type of players he brings in. He said: “There are no two managers

that think the same way and Gerard is no different. “He wants to

get players who will believe in his ethos, the way he likes to run

things and players will have to go. “But equally the players we

bring in have got to be better than the ones we’ve got. That is the

big job.” One of Houllier’s priorities could be a goalkeeper if

Brad Friedel opts to return to Liverpool on a two-year deal.