Matt Besler’s celebration for becoming a father & scoring his 1st USMNT goal was adorable


Matt Besler became a father on Friday when wife Amanda gave birth to the couple's first child. And just mere hours into Parker Besler's life, her dad scored his first ever goal for the United States national team.

If becoming a father and then scoring a goal wasn't good enough, Besler's whole team joined him in the “rock the baby” celebration. That is now a top five most adorable moment in national team history.

The U.S. are way better than St. Vincent and the Grenadines so nobody expected the result to ever be in doubt. It wasn't going to take a great performance to win and Besler certainly got some help from some poor Vincy Heat defending. There are a lot of ways to minimize this goal, but consider:

1. It was Besler's first international goal
2. He just became a father
3. The whole team celebrated his goal and new baby with him

This is an amazing day for Besler, and a pretty great moment all the way around. Double congrats, Matt.