Mats Hummels reveals why he dyed his hair blonde

Bayern Munich’s 3-0 win over RB Leipzig on Wednesday was a thorough demonstration of the Bavarian side’s power. Goals from Thiago, Xabi Alonso and Robert Lewandowski put the game on ice before halftime. Bayern knocked down their closest rivals to hibernate in 1st place over the Bundesliga’s winter break. It was almost a perfect evening. Almost.

After all, we can’t just ignore Mats Hummels turning into Evil Messi for Bayern’s last game of 2016:

Was Hummels intentionally trying to land on Santa’s naughty list just days before Christmas? Did he have an audition to be the new villain in the next Die Hard movie?

No, turns out the root of Hummels’ peroxide job was nothing more than losing a bet to a friend at Oktoberfest. For losing a game of … can-throwing. Yes, really.

Hummels told reporters after the game he had to sport the blonde hair for at least one game before the new year. “That’s when I thought, let’s do it for 1st place vs 2nd. That way it gets the most attention,” Hummels said.

You’re not fooling anyone, bud. Waiting for the very last game before the winter break to pay up was the shrewd move here. Especially since we know Hummels loves his natural dark locks. In a 2013 interview with GQ, Hummels vowed never to dye his hair. “That would never come into question,” he said at the time. “Once in my life I straightened my hair, and that was already borderline.”

Hummels did say he and wife Cathy Fischer were actually pleased with the results. “I feared that it would look worse,” Hummels said. “We’ll survive these next few weeks.”

And we will, too, because we won’t have to look at it again.