Martinez sets the record straight

A Spanish newspaper, in late October, attributed comments to the

Latics boss which claimed the Football Association were afraid to

punish Ferguson. The comments, which Martinez categorically denies

making, also suggested the likes of Blackburn and Everton managers

Sam Allardyce and David Moyes were staunch defenders of the United

boss and that Liverpool boss Rafael Benitez was being targeted with

constant sniping. However, Martinez had a pre-Christmas meal with

Ferguson, Allardyce, Moyes and Stoke assistant Peter Reid and the

Wigan boss said the incident was not an issue. “In a way we know we

are exposed to certain things. It has happened to many managers in

the past and it will happen in the future,” said the Spaniard, who

takes his side to Old Trafford on Tuesday. “What is important is to

put the record straight, take action against any media group that

say things that are not right and make sure the names that are

involved have a clear understanding of what has happened. “Once

that is done it is quite simple to understand because we have all

been in a situation when we know how exposed we are and how easy it

is for it to happen. “I think we have got a good relationship, good

enough to laugh off these situations. “It is not an issue and it

does not put any strain on our relationship at all.”