Martinez: Moses won’t go cheap

The European champions are interested in signing the forward and

Latics chairman Dave Whelan has admitted he would be prepared to

sell, but only if his valuation of around ?9million is met.

Moses, who joined Latics from Crystal Palace for ?2.5million in

January 2010, is set to face the Blues in Sunday’s Premier League


Manager Martinez is standing firm over the 21-year-old,

insisting the club will not allow him to go on the cheap.

“Victor’s 21, he’s got a year left on his contract and my

chairman is always very clear,” he told the Daily Mirror.

“We would rather have Victor for a year rather than selling him

under his value.

“We don’t have to sell players, so we will never undervalue


“We will never stand in the way of players who want to move on

to other projects – let’s say a player who can move on and try and

win the Premier League – but in football, and in life in general,

if you want something, you have to meet the valuation.

“Until that happens, it’s not an issue.

“Remember, we made a huge investment in Victor when he was 19

and in the Championship, which other clubs wouldn’t.

“We will never undervalue one of the biggest talents in this

league. Clubs must respect that.”

The manager is confident Moses will not be affected by the

speculation linking him with a Stamford Bridge move in Sunday’s


He added: “From Victor’s point of view, he’s fit and available

and if anyone can cope with anything from a mental point of view

then it’s Victor.

“When he came from Crystal Palace at the age of 19, he was

desperate straight away to play – I have never seen such a mature

young man.

“Victor is a strong man who has been through many things in his

life already. He loves the game and once he gets on the pitch, the

world stops for him.”