Marseille forward Loic Remy cleared to play

Marseille forward Loic Remy was cleared to play Tuesday despite

a heart problem.

Marseille said that doubts about Remy’s health were removed

after the player underwent additional medical tests on Monday that

showed the heart abnormality was no obstacle to his footballing


Club doctor Christophe Baudot said that heart specialists

consulted by the club were of the opinion that Remy was fit for

practicing sport at a high level.

”I am relieved to know the outcome,” Remy said. ”It will

allow me to work with Marseille in good condition with a free


”When you go through such moments, you don’t feel calm. But I’d

rather have it happen that way and really know today that I’m


Remy joined Marseille from Nice last Thursday for a reported ?15

million ($19 million) fee, but his debut was put on hold the

following day after a medical examination revealed a heart


The 23-year-old forward, who signed a five-year contract with

Marseille, said he never felt any specific pain throughout his