Marco Reus finally gets his license, but not before paying €540,000 in driving fines

Alexander Hassenstein/Bongarts/Getty Images

You can get rid of the bike now, Marco.

For many people, especially in the United States, getting one’s driving license is a rite of passage. Gone are the days of depending on public transportation, grudging rides from friends or family, or calling on your preferred ride-sharing app. Marco Reus wanted all the benefits without the whole licensing process, preferring just to go renegade and hop behind the wheel on his own terms.

Reus had been tooling around Germany, piling up speeding tickets for around three years before authorities finally snatched him off the streets for driving without a valid license. As punishment, he had to pay a whopping €540,000 for six driving offenses, one of the highest driving fines in German history. Now, he’s finally on the straight and narrow.

Reus passed both his theory and practical tests on Monday before picking up his new licence on the way to training on Tuesday morning. The 27-year-old confirmed his new legal status to Bild, telling the German newspaper: "Yes, it’s true that I’ve passed my driving test. I am pleased that this chapter is now closed."

Here’s hoping next time he gets pulled over, at least he’ll have the proper identification on him.