Marc Bartra searches for Borussia Dortmund fan who watched derby alone in Schalke territory

Saturday’s Revierderby between Schalke and Dortmund marked the 150th competitive meeting between two of world soccer’s most bitter rivals. Die Konigsblauen hosted Die Schwarzgelben, and the 62,271 crowded into Schalke’s Veltins Arena were a sea of blue, save for a small pocket of yellow in the visitor’s section.

And save for one extremely brave Dortmund supporter camped out in enemy territory.

This lion-hearted Dortmund supporter sticks out like an extremely sore thumb among the Schalke fans, and defender Marc Bartra took notice of her bravery. The Spanish center back took to Twitter to try and find the mystery fan, offering to give her a shirt in reward for her fealty.

It’s really an incredible picture, and on closer inspection it looks like there are a couple other Dortmund supporters sprinkled around the stands. No one else was brave enough to go full bright yellow right in the middle of the blue zone though, and for that? She deserves whatever recognition she gets from Bartra and the rest of the footballing community.