Mancini rejects swap-deal talk

Speculation in recent days has claimed that Liverpool contacted

City’s football administrator Brian Marwood last week to discuss a

potential exchange between the two players before the transfer

window closed.

City are understood to have rejected the approach and Mancini

says he has not discussed the matter with Marwood as the Premier

League leaders continue their efforts to offload Tevez.

“I never heard of this,” said Mancini at a press conference on


“Carroll is a good player, he is young and strong but it would

be difficult and I don’t think [it is going to happen].

“There was no phone call to me. I don’t know if Brian Marwood

was involved. I just read it in the newspaper. I didn’t speak to

Marwood about this.

“My opinion about Carlos is that it is important he finds a good

solution because he can stay for a year without playing. It is

important that he plays, he is a top player.

“At the moment no, because we have not talked about this with

Liverpool. This is a new one for me.”

Carroll has struggled for form since his £35million move to

Anfield from Newcastle United 12 months ago and reports have

claimed that Liverpool’s approach to City was made without his or

his representative’s knowledge.

The England international has insisted he is committed to the

club and Reds boss Kenny Dalglish is adamant there are no issues

with the player.

Dalglish said: “We don’t have any problem with any of our

players because nobody is going anywhere.

“Just read what Andy said this morning. He said he’s very happy

here. He doesn’t regret coming here. That’s the best reference you

can get.”

Regarding the speculation, Dalglish added: “We don’t need to

comment. We’ve said what’s going to happen and it’s nothing, so

that’s us.

“We don’t need to get involved to justify what people have said.

Ask them to justify it, not us.

“I am not talking about any specific incident but if you are

going to do business in any way, shape or form in whatever life

it’s in, you don’t disclose it until it’s done, do you?

“As we’ve said before, and [the chairman] Tom Werner said,

there’s no point letting the facts interfere with a good story.

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