Mancini: City still need time

City will make their Champions League debut against Napoli on

Wednesday evening and also tackle Bayern Munich and Villarreal in

the group phase. In addition, the club’s stunning 100 per cent

start to the Premier League season has drawn parallels with the

style of football played by current European champions Barcelona.

However, following Saturday’s comprehensive 3-0 win over Wigan,

Mancini was keeping realistic about City’s prospects following the

progress the club have made in recent seasons. “I understand why

people are getting excited but it is still early for us,” said

Mancini. “Yes, it’s our target to improve, to win the Premier

League and Champions League in the future. “But let’s see what

happens in May. This group of players has only been together for

two months and we need time. “Of course, playing in the Champions

League was all part of the project. But we are actually in the

competition sooner than I thought we would be. “The club has bought

good players and we worked very hard and for these reasons we

deserve to be where we are. But we still need to improve. “We can

say we want to win the Champions League because all the teams who

enter it want to win it. “But for us now it’s important we reach

the second stage. We’re in a hard group where anyone could finish

top or bottom. “Remember the Champions League is different from the

Premier League. If you lose a game in the domestic championship,

you have time to recover. “If you lose a game in the Champions

League, you don’t have that opportunity.”