Manchester City charged by FA in relation to rules on anti-doping

Manchester City have been charged by the FA under the organization’s anti-doping regulations and procedural guidelines.

According to a statement from the FA, “It is alleged the club failed to ensure that their ‘Club Whereabouts’ information was accurate, contrary to Regulation 14(d).”

Per the anti-doping regulations in the FA Handbook, here is how Regulation 14 and the “Club Whereabouts” information reads in its entirety (we have bolded Section D):

Club whereabouts information:

(a) All Clubs must furnish The FA upon request with any whereabouts information The FA requires from time to time in respect of any Players who are not IRTP Players or NRTP Players. That information shall include as a minimum:

(i) training dates;

(ii) start and finish times of training;

(iii) the address at which such training will take place; and

(iv) the home address for a Player and any other address at which a Player regularly resides overnight.

(b) The FA (whether through the Anti-Doping Unit or otherwise) may issue directions from time to time about:

(i) the type of whereabouts information to be submitted by Clubs; and/or

(ii) the manner and time frame in which such whereabouts information must be submitted.

(c) It shall be a breach of this Regulation 14 for a Club to fail to provide regular details of the times, dates and venues of the Club’s training sessions in the manner directed by The FA. ANTI-DOPING 2016-2017 258

(d) It shall also be a breach of this Regulation 14 by the Club if the information contained in such reports is either initially inaccurate or has not been updated by the Club as necessary to ensure it remains accurate.

It remains to be seen what exactly prompted the charge, but further clarification is to be expected. Manchester City have until Jan. 19 to respond to the charge. As far as sanctions go, that of course depends on the severity of the charge and whether or not City are found guilty.

Per the handbook, though, sanctions available for the Regulatory Commission to level include: a points deduction, forfeit of a match or matches, exclusion of a team from a competition and issuing a fine.