This manager started vaping on the bench in the middle of an FA Cup game

The FA Cup is magical. You get to see so many things that you rarely otherwise see. Small stadiums, Cinderella runs, entire communities rallying behind a single dream.

And managers vaping in the dugout.

That’s Sutton United manager Paul Doswell, who was panicking because his team couldn’t score. Or something. And the match finished scoreless so there’s a replay, this time at Wimbledon, so he’ll have to get the rules on vaping at the away stadium for that one.

You wouldn’t see that in the Premier League. You probably wouldn’t see it in the Championship either. It’s just not a thing we see in 2017. That is unless it’s the FA Cup, where you get the chance to see some truly special things.

Of course, smoking is bad for your health — yes, even vaping — and please don’t do it. We like you and want you to stick around.