Malouda calls for greater Blues credit

Chelsea winger Florent Malouda claims Chelsea deserve more credit for their attacking football which has seen them score 12 goals already.

The defending champions have started the new season in superb fashion with six goals in both their opening two wins against West Brom and Wigan.

Chelsea set a new Premier League record of 103 goals last season and Malouda is miffed as to why Carlo Ancelotti’s men are not regarded as entertaining as Arsenal or Manchester United.

Malouda believes that Chelsea’s play has stepped up to a whole new level and that they have demonstrated the quality they possess already this season.

"It is difficult to know why people still seem to think Arsenal and United play the best football," said Malouda. "Even when we finished on top of Arsenal, people said they played better than us.

"If you want to win the league, you have to be efficient, but when you look at how many goals we are scoring, you surely have to recognise there is real quality about us.

"The manager has worked at making sure we control games and you are seeing an evolution in our play. We are keeping more clean sheets but also scoring a lot more goals.

"It is not enough for us now just to go 1-0 up. We have developed a killer instinct and want to finish teams off. There are goals throughout this team and if there is an opportunity to kill a game off, we take it.

"We’ll never go easy on teams and it is great for confidence to know just about everyone in the squad is capable of scoring goals."