Mackay cautious on Rovers takeover

Indian businessman Ahsan Ali Syed and Saurin Shah are two known

rival bidders, with another interested unnamed party also involved.

But Mackay, who was sacked in 1991 when Jack Walker took control of

the club and brought in Kenny Dalglish, said the club had to make

the right decision. “I understand Rovers would love a bit more

money but if you look at the big picture things aren’t too bad as

they are they?,” he told the Lancashire Telegraph. “They are an

established Premier League club and fans only to have to think back

20 years or so to see how far they have come. “I can understand the

desire for new owners but it doesn’t always work out the way you

want it. Look at Liverpool and Portsmouth. Money doesn’t guarantee

success. You have to look seriously at what are they (the

interested parties) doing it for? “If that is why this process

seems to be going on a long time, then Rovers are very much doing

the right thing. Are these people doing it for the benefit of

Blackburn Rovers or are they doing it for themselves and for