Luton midfielder shown yellow card after breaking his leg and punching pitch in pain

Consider this a warning for all League Two players in England. If you break your leg, don’t take out any frustration on the pitch. You might find yourself in the referee’s book.

That’s what happened to Luton Town’s Cameron McGeehan in Monday’s match against Portsmouth FC. After a collision with Pompey’s Michael Doyle left McGeehan down on the pitch, frustration apparently boiled over.

With medics tending to what turned out to be a broken leg, McGeehan punched the pitch in anger, prompting referee Tim Robinson to show the 21-year-old a yellow card.

McGeehan’s response seems understandable. Breaking a leg hurts, and when you’re in agony sometimes it helps to punch an inanimate object.

Robinson’s response is not so understandable, though. Maybe McGeehan said something that we’re unaware of, but still. It’s a guy whose livelihood depends on functioning legs, and one of them just broke. Cut the player a little slack.

Luton manager Nathan Jones didn’t hold back in his criticism of the who fiasco, taking both the home Portsmouth fans and Robinson to task:

“One thing I will say, Portsmouth fans showed no class whatsoever, absolutely no class. That was an absolute disgrace,” Jones said, via the Bedfordshire News. When asked about his player receiving a card while getting treatment, Jones said, “I think it was his reaction after, I don’t know, but surely an element of empathy or compassion has to be shown.”

Official word on McGeehan’s prognosis hasn’t been revealed yet, but hopefully there’s a speedy recovery.