Luiz expects going to get tough

Luiz, who is set to make his first start for Chelsea at Fulham on

Monday night, was brought up in Brazil with a firm religious

background. He believes that, as well as a strong work ethic, has

stood him in good stead his career so far. “I am a guy with a lot

of faith,” said the £25million January recruit. “I believe

when you have faith things will happen for you. My faith is what

makes me strong and makes things happen for me. “But I don’t cross

my arms and wait for God to do everything for me. You have to want

it and go for it and chase your dreams. “My dream is to be admired

as a football player and as a person.” Having played his football

in the leagues of Brazil and Portugal prior to his Chelsea move,

Luiz also accepts he will need to get used to the rigours of the

Premier League. It is a challenge he is ready to take on. “I knew

the Premier League from TV already. I have also talked a lot to

Ramires, he is always passing on positive information,” Luiz said.

“It’s a lot faster and more physical than where I have played

before. “But if I didn’t like the physical side of the game then I

would be a tennis player. “It is not just a case of knowing what to

improve but in general to become a better player.” Luiz earned rave

reviews during his spell in Portugal with Benfica and was regularly

linked with high-profile transfers before finally committing to

Carlo Ancelotti’s Blues. Chelsea’s Premier League rivals Manchester

City were among those linked with the 23-year-old, but he played

down their supposed interest. He said: “I only heard about Chelsea.

I never heard from any other club. “If you believed the press and

newspapers in Portugal then I was playing in a different place

around the world every week. “Now I am just pleased for the

opportunity Chelsea have given me. I am pleased to be here.”

Ancelotti, meanwhile, has declared himself happy with the make-up

of his squad following the additions of Luiz and £50million

striker Fernando Torres. “The squad is very good now with Torres

and Luiz,” said the Italian. “We don’t need to add another player.

We don’t need to think about other players because the squad now is

very competitive. “We reached our aims with Torres and Luiz.”