Luis Suarez ‘would have considered retiring’ after Steven Gerrard slip

Luis Suarez (l) has admitted he would have considering retiring if he was in Steven Gerrard's position

Luis Suarez has revealed he would have considered hanging up his boots if he had made the crucial slip that Steven Gerrard made last season.

Gerrard’s untimely slip allowed Demba Ba a simple one-on-one chance with Simon Mignolet, which he converted, before Willian scored in stoppage time to hand Chelsea an unlikely 2-0 win in late April to end Liverpool’s 11-match league winning run and allow Jose Mourinho’s men to move to within two points of the Reds.

It was the beginning of the end for Gerrard’s Liverpool, who then let a three-goal lead slip in a 3-3 draw at Crystal Palace a week later, as the title slipped through their grasp.

Suarez, who left Liverpool for Barcelona in the summer, wrote in his autobiography Crossing the Line: "If I had been in Stevie’s shoes, I don’t know if I would have been able to carry on playing. Emotionally, it must have been very, very hard.

"In the previous weeks, so much had been said about him, the expectation had built so much, the talk had been about him leading Liverpool, his club, to a first title in over 20 years, on the 25th anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster, in which his cousin had died, and then that happens.

"The captain, the former youth-teamer, the one-club man, a Scouser born and bred, and he was the unlucky one to make a crucial mistake."

Suarez has revealed how he believes Chelsea would have struggled to score in the crucial 2-0 win had it not been for the skipper’s unfortunate slip which led to Demba Ba’s strike.

"I’m convinced that if Chelsea had not scored like that, they would not have scored at all. And once you are a goal down against them, it’s virtually impossible," added Suarez.