Liverpool vs. Plymouth featured ‘wet willies’ and other weird defending tactics

When Plymouth Argyle held Liverpool to a scoreless draw on Sunday, it was a big result for the small fourth-division side that came from relentless defending.

It wasn’t pretty – Plymouth barely possessed the ball and were happy to sit back the entire time – and the end justified the means for the League Two side. But the means included some unorthodox defending methods, including giving out what looked like “wet willies.” Take a look:

That is Plymouth defender Sonny Bradley pinching the armpits of Liverpool midfielder Emre Can, and then following it up with a finger in the ear. We don’t know whether or not his finger was dry or if it was officially a wet willy, but it looks rather unpleasant either way.

Unsurprisingly, Can was not happy with the pest on Plymouth’s side and appealed for referees to be on the lookout for the unsporting tactics. Credit to Can though – a less disciplined player might have turned around and given something back to Bradley, risking a red card.

Now, the two sides must meet again for a replay next week to decide who advances in the FA Cup, and referees might want to be on high alert for armpit pinches and wet (or dry) willies.