Liverpool’s best midfield without Emre Can

Liverpool’s strongest midfield without Emre Can’s presence

Emre Can has become a key player for Liverpool. His presence in the midfield is highly influential, and he offers solidity to our defensive midfield.

Without him, Liverpool often struggle more to dominate the middle of the pitch. His strength, movement and defensive awareness are essential to Liverpool commanding a game.

So without Emre Can, what does Liverpool’s strongest midfield three look like?

We’re going to ignore the attacking players, and focus entirely on the CDM and two central midfielders Jurgen Klopp has been using recently.

In the CDM role, when fit, Emre Can is normally the best option. When he isn’t fit, I believe Jordan Henderson is the next best choice. Many want Marko Grujic to play here over Henderson, based purely on his preseason, and I feel if Marko was the best option Klopp would be playing him.

Then for the two central midfielders, I believe Adam Lallana is a definite pick. His movement is highly influential, and his pressing compliments Liverpool’s tactical style. He’s good on the attack despite lacking an end product, and he does a job getting back too.

Then alongside Adam Lallana, Georginio Wijnaldum has been played. I believe Wijnaldum offers a decent attacking threat, but that he isn’t influential enough at the moment.

In all honesty, I believe Lucas Leiva would be the better option in CDM, with Henderson and Lallana forming a midfield partnership. Lucas adds that defensive edge and covers the back four more, and Henderson and Lallana can press and contribute on both attack and defence.

Henderson is more comfortable in the CM role, and he is likely to have more presence than Wijnaldum, who has been invisible bar the odd moments.

Hopefully Emre Can returns to fitness as soon as possible, rather than later.

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