Little Pea: I almost quit

The Mexico international last month signed a new five-year contract

at Old Trafford after making a huge impression in his first season

at the club. Hernandez scored 20 goals in all competitions last

term after joining United from Chivas of Guadalajara in the summer

of 2010. Yet the 23-year-old has not always enjoyed his football

and told Inside United: “It was about three years ago and I had a

lot of questions about whether or not this was the path God wanted

me to follow. “I wasn’t playing much football, I was being kept in

the reserves. I was disappointed younger players were coming

through and getting ahead of me, and it really got me down, even

away from football. “I talked a lot with my parents, my

grandparents, my sister and my girlfriend about my situation, and

they helped me realise that this is what I was meant to do. “I know

now that I’m a very lucky guy and I’m glad I made the decision to

keep playing. That experience taught me a lot.” Hernandez missed

the start of the current campaign after suffering a concussion

during a pre-season training session in the United States. The

player spent time in hospital after the incident but was never

concerned the condition was serious. Hernandez said: “I just headed

the ball on the wrong part of my head. “It was a very strong cross,

the ball moved in the air, and it hit me on the back of my head. “I

think all injuries – in football or in life – are scary and it’s

never nice to have bad headaches or be throwing up. “But I knew I

would be okay. This had happened twice before in Mexico, when I’d

clashed heads with another player. “So I knew what was happening to

me, I knew the symptoms and knew I’d feel okay again.”