Leslie Jones found out soccer players are hot and she’s losing her mind

Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

Leslie Jones is a big sports fan and has no problem going all-in on things. We saw that at the Olympics, when she became America's No. 1 fan and even got flown to Rio de Janeiro to check it all out.

Well, the Saturday Night Live star is now all-in on soccer.

And it all started with finding out that the players are attractive.

(Warning: the videos in the tweets have some adult language)

That was on Friday. By Saturday it might as well have been her new favorite sport.

And Sunday, well, it was all she was watching.

She didn't just want to check out the guys, though. I mean, that was definitely involved, but she wanted to learn the sport too. And Twitter helped her out with that.

But yeah, the attractive guys.

Lucky for her, Sunday has an MLS Cup Playoffs quadruple-header. And she was watching.

She's still learning the basics.

But she's digging it.

And she's already trying to get to a game.

Someone needs to make it happen. The New York Red Bulls and NYCFC will both be home for playoff games next weekend so one of them better get her some tickets.

Leslie Jones, Hysterical Comedian, Saturday Night Live Star, Olympics Superfan and, now, Soccer Lover.