Lescott: City criticism driving us on

City recently posted losses of £121million, which does not

include over £100million spent in the summer which took

transfer spending at the club since Sheikh Mansour’s takeover to

£326million. The Abu Dhabi money appears to finally be having

an effect with City currently second in the Premier League table

but the lavish outlay has met with consternation in some quarters.

Lescott said all that did was make the squad more determined.

“We’re all dedicated, and we’re also using as fuel the fact that

people from outside the club don’t want us to succeed – that’s

probably natural unless you’re a City fan,” he told the club’s

website. “You won’t want us to do well at the expense of your team.

“Everyone was crying out for so long for someone to break into the

top four. “We’re doing it, but somehow it’s like ‘you’re doing it

the wrong way’. “We just have to take it with a pinch of salt and

repay the people who showed faith in us.”