Leonardo takes swipe at Berlusconi

AC Milan coach Leonardo has hit back at club president Silvio

Berlusconi after his recent criticism of the team.

Berlusconi slated the Rossoneri for their performance in

Tuesday’s 3-2 Champions League defeat at home to Manchester United

and they will now face an uphill task if they are to make it into

the quarter-finals.

But Leonardo has come out in support of his players and

insists he will have no qualms about walking away from his post if

he is no longer valued by the Italian Prime Minister.

“I’m always very calm, our agreements are very, very clear,”

said Leonardo. “We have a stable policy and I have no problems with


“If the president wants me to leave, he just needs to say the


Milan travel to Bari on Sunday with just one win in their

last six matches and Leonardo has made no attempt to hide the fact

that he was unhappy with Berlusconi’s recent criticism.

He added: “The most important thing we need to progress is

calmness and these things don’t help a team.

“But it doesn’t do any harm either because we have a mature

team. I’ve been at this club for 13 years and the president only

needs to say one word, just one.

“I don’t have contractual problems (a long contract making it

expensive for Milan to sack him). This club would never pay two

coaches if I was to leave.

“In the meantime, I’m concentrating on the team, which needs

defending because this year they have done some exceptional things,

all of them.

“For a while this team produced some incredible football and

that deserves to be defended.

“Against Manchester we were the better side and that warrants

defending. We lost but those things need to be analysed with