Leicester have already lost as many matches this season as they did all last season

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Leicester City lost three matches all of last season en route to the Premier League title. Now, six matches into this season, they have already equaled that mark.

Nobody expected this season to go as magically for the Foxes as last year, but to see them loses half of their first six matches is a surprise. It started with a loss to Hull City on the opening day, which should have been a sign. And while losing to Liverpool isn't bad, going down 4-1 isn't going to inspire confidence. The same was true again on Saturday as Leicester once again fell 4-1, this time to Manchester United.

The Foxes now find themselves in the bottom half of the table, but they have a handful of their toughest matches this season out of the way. The fixture list will ease up a bit and they shouldn't find themselves falling too much further, but it is astounding that it took them just 16 percent of the season to match their loss total from a year ago.

It's not so much that Leicester are bad. More than anything, this is a reminder of how incredible last season was. The Foxes' run, as memorable as it was, will only get more spectacular as time passes and the unlikelihood becomes even more apparent. Like matching their loss total in only six games a year later.