Lauren Holiday doing well after brain surgery, Jrue Holiday returns to Pelicans

Carmen Jaspersen/WPPROD

Former U.S. national team and FC Kansas City star Lauren Holiday is doing pretty well these days after surgery to remove a benign brain tumor. She’s doing so well, in fact, that husband Jrue Holiday, a point guard for the New Orleans Pelicans, is returning to the NBA with his wife’s blessing.

Jrue Holiday revealed the good news in his return to Pelicans practice on Thursday. Lauren Holiday needed people to help her after the surgery, but now she can take care of herself and the couple’s newborn daughter, Jrue Holiday told reporters. She is doing rehab, but he declined to give further specifics on his wife’s condition.

He added that he was returning to the Pelicans “because my wife said I could.”

"It was really just to see where my wife was in her recovery,” Jrue Holiday said of his absence. "And since she’s doing so well, and since my daughter’s getting bigger, and since my family and her family are there to help her out with anything, I just feel comfortable being back and being able to leave them, if it’s on a road trip or whatever it is."

Jrue Holiday rejoined the New Orleans Pelicans this week because his wife, Lauren Holiday, is doing well after brain surgery.

Lauren Holiday was found to have a benign brain tumor while she was pregnant in September. Doctors induced her into labor in September to expedite surgery, which could not be safely performed while she was pregnant. She had surgery about a month ago, with many fans and players sending well wishes on social media.

She has not publicly talked about her surgery since it happened, but she has been on social media more lately than before her surgery. Two weeks ago, she tweeted about her recovery:

She retired at 28 from the USWNT after winning the Women’s World Cup last year, a decision she said she made to start a family. She had also won back-to-back NWSL championships with FC Kansas City in 2014 and 2015.