Kreuzer: We can do better

There are still five weeks to go before the start of the 2013/14

Bundesliga season, but Hamburg’s director of sport Oliver Kreuzer

has already lost his patience with his team.

Speaking after Hamburg lost 2-0 to Wacker Innsbruck in a

pre-season friendly, Kreuzer warned his players to pull their socks

up, otherwise they risk another uphill start to the season after

making one of their worst starts on record last year.

“You can’t just think that we’re coming to Austria for a short

break and having a light workout against an Austrian first division

side,” he said.

“As a Bundesliga side, it’s not on to present yourselves like

this. I hope this was the last time.”

Anybody who does repeat such a lackadaisical performance my find

themselves on the transfer list, according to Kreuzer, who is

looking for excuses to lower the wage bill.

“Our priority is to reduce the size of our squad,” he added on