Knight sets Trotters scoring target

The giant defender scored for only the third time in three years

when he put the Trotters in front against United. It is a paltry

total for someone who stands six foot six inches in his bare feet.

And he knows it. “I should score more often,” said the 30-year-old.

“It is my downfall really. “With my size, I can create problems

inside the penalty area. “I was winding the boys up beforehand,

saying I was going to score. But I feel as though I am going to do

that every week. “Hopefully I can start that now. I have set myself

a little goal of getting five or six this season. “That is my

first. Hopefully I will get more.” Knight’s main job is at the

back, which has been going rather well so far this term despite

changing central defensive partners at regular intervals. Gary

Cahill would be the usual partner. But when he was ruled out

through suspension following his controversial dismissal at

Arsenal, Andy O’Brien stepped in. But the former Newcastle man has

been sidelined by an ankle injury, so Sam Ricketts – normally a

full-back – stepped into the breach to try and contain Dimitar

Berbatov and Wayne Rooney; a job the pair did rather well. “We felt

Berbatov was going to be lively so we tried to put a lot of

pressure on him as soon as he got the ball and clamp him down,”

said Knight. “And although we know Wayne Rooney has not hit the

form everyone wants you have to give our defenders credit for

keeping it that way. “He can be on form next week.” Not that Knight

was entirely happy. Having established themselves in a winning

position, the 30-year-old was not impressed that “the smallest guy

on the pitch scores with a header”. Nevertheless, as he cheerfully

admitted, before the game Bolton would have been satisfied with a

point and the fact their opinion changed as the contest was in

mid-flow was further reason for encouragement. Now the task is to

maintain that form next week when Cahill will be available again to

tackle a West Brom side flying high following their defeat of

Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium. “I hope people will start to take

Bolton seriously,” he said. “The standard has been set. Now we must

maintain it. “We are mixing our game up quite well and we have

managed to do it against Arsenal, Aston Villa and Manchester

United. “We have proved we can play football. “What we need to do

now is pick up points against the teams we feel are going to be

around us, such as West Brom. “Everyone is feeling confident so if

we can put that performance in at West Brom, we can climb up that

table a little bit more.”