Kiernan feels welcome at Bees

Emmanuel Adebayor has threatened to quit playing for Togo if the

country’s football federation refuses to pay the players the money

it owes them.

The 28-year-old striker has revealed that he and his team-mates

have not been paid the money for playing against Morocco in a

friendly international in Casablanca earlier this month.

Adebayor says that, if the current situation does not improve,

then players will not play for Togo anymore.

“If this does not change, then I will retire from international

football and many will stop playing for our country,” he said.

“In our FA everyone thinks about their own pockets,” Adebayor

told Togo’s Radio Frequence1. “Some players have not received their

money, some have received half of it.

“Players come to me to ask about their money. It is a shame. I

asked the Moroccan Federation how much they paid our Togolese FA.

They told me that they paid ?35,000 to President Ameyi.

“The president has the money because the Moroccan FA will not

lie to me. If this continues, then no one will play for others to

fill their pockets.”

The on-loan Wigan defender, along with Fulham striker Marcello

Trotta, both made their debuts in Saturday’s win over Sheffield


“There’s a great spirit here,” he told West London Sport. “The

new faces, including me, have been able to get into the swing of it

quickly and we could see how much everyone was up for the Sheffield

United game.”

Kiernan, who is traditionally a centre-back, has impressed in

midfield covering for the suspended Jonathan Douglas.

“I haven’t played there (midfield) for years – since my Watford

Under-16s days actually,” he added. “I thought I did okay. I was

happy with my contribution to the first goal.

“I love it here at Brentford. I’m back home living in Watford

and I feel much happier in myself.”