Kenny baffled by Carroll fuss

The £35million striker continues to search for his first

Premier League goal of the season. Carroll is yet to score in five

league appearances so far this season, although he was on target

for the Reds in the Carling Cup second-round victory at Exeter.

England manager Fabio Capello again warned Carroll about his

lifestyle earlier this month – but Dalglish appears frustrated by

the continued focus on the former Newcastle man, who he is

convinced will prove to be a valuable long-term asset to Liverpool.

Quoted in several national newspapers on Saturday morning, Dalglish

said: “I don’t understand the obsession. There are other players

who haven’t played either. I think people are obsessed with Andy

Carroll. “He’s learning, but I’m an old guy and I’m still learning.

I don’t understand the paranoia with Andy. People talk about him

like they know him. They don’t know him. They talk about his

lifestyle – what lifestyle? Everybody is obsessed with Andy

Carroll. “We’ll always look after him and I’m sure he’ll look after

us. We’ve spoken in the past about Andy being one for the future,

not just the short term, but it’s immediate for everyone. “Some of

them that aren’t as fortunate as he is, their future might not be

as long as Andy Carroll’s.”