Kean places faith in new boys

Rovers fans have had to be patient since Ruben Rochina and Mauro

Formica arrived at Ewood Park, with the exciting pair barely

figuring in the first team. But Kean says both will get their

chance to shine and feels it would not have been fair to pitch them

in to the cut-and-thrust of a Premier League relegation battle that

was only won on Survival Sunday. “They were ready, but it probably

just wasn’t the best time to put them in,” said the Rovers boss.

“If we’d have got another couple of victories and were a couple of

places higher, then it would have been worth putting them in.

“Certainly from Mauro’s point of view, I felt it was the wrong time

to put him in. “Ruben got a couple of cameo appearances as sub and

was then unfortunate to dislocate his shoulder, as he probably

would have been involved in the Manchester United and Wolves games,

so that was disappointing for him. “People have seen what kind of

skill and what kind of ability that lad has got, whilst Mauro is

different, but he’s got other qualities. Both of them are fantastic

talents and I think they’ll go on to do really, really well here.”