Jury: Dortmund has the best designed shirt

Borussia Dortmund has earned another domestic distinction over

Bayern Munich – it has the best designed shirt.

The fashion design university in Duesseldorf has voted

Dortmund’s yellow shirt the nicest in the Bundesliga.

The school’s jury says the colors used ”build a harmonious

unit” with logos and other markings and that it was also impressed

with its cut and material.

The shirt has ”discrete squares” on the front and a ”double V


Bayern’s usual red shirt design was only rated 11th.

Dortmund surrendered its Bundesliga title last season to Bayern,

which completed an unprecedented treble for a German club. Bayern

beat Dortmund in the final of the Champions League.

But Dortmund beat Bayern in the season-opening German Super Cup.

Both teams have started the Bundesliga with two wins.