Jurgen Klopp tricks goalkeeper on blindfolded penalty kick, buries it


Since taking over at Liverpool a year ago, Jurgen Klopp has proven he is one of the top managers in the Premier League, but as it turns out, the former Mainz 05 player can still kick the ball himself pretty well, too.

Klopp was invited to try a blindfolded penalty kick as part of a Liverpool initiative to help eliminate avoidable blindness. With Klopp unable to see, the goalkeeper clapped so the manager knew how far he was from the goal. Then he started to clang on the posts to let Klopp know where they were and, well, just watch:

Boom. Klopp knew he was going to tuck inside the post to his right, so it didn't even matter where the other post was. He didn't wait and fired for a perfectly placed penalty kick. Afterward, he jokes to the goalkeeper, “Oh, you weren't ready? Sorry, I couldn't see you.” Very sneaky.

Of course, Klopp not looking on a penalty kick isn't exactly new. The manager refuses to watch his players take penalty kicks during the game, waiting for the crowd's reaction to let him know what happened.