Watch Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp play striker vs Stanford University

Klopp is entering his first full season as Liverpool coach after joining the Reds last October.

Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

Liverpool bolstered their attack with the purchase of Sadio Mane this summer, but if we know one thing about Reds strikers (since Luis Suarez left), it’s that they’re wildly unreliable.

So, given Daniel Sturridge’s impossible injury history, Christian Benteke’s talent being stolen by the Monstars last year, and Mario Balotelli being Mario Balotelli, Reds manager Jurgen Klopp decided to test out someone else at forward before the season gets underway: himself.

OK, so it was only for a staff match Liverpool staged against Stanford University, but still. You know you’re curious to see how he did. After all, Klopp did manage 52 goals in 11 seasons for Mainz back in the day, half of which he played at striker.

And if watching a bunch of middle-aged guys lumber around for five minutes isn’t really your thing today, just skip to the 1:08 and 4:00 minute marks for Klopp’s two biggest chances of the game:

Standing at 6 feet 4 inches, Klopp was targeted twice in the air, but only managed to lose his glasses both times. Maybe Klopp should try wearing contacts next time, or at least wear those sweet athletic goggles Edgar Davids used to rock.

As for lining up at forward again this season? Maybe better to just leave it to Sane.