Jurgen Klopp cannot bear to watch this penalty kick by James Milner

Michael Regan/Getty Images

When Liverpool bulldozed Hull City on Saturday, the result really never felt in doubt as the Reds controlled the run of play. But that didn't stop Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp from displaying a bit of usual nerves about James Milner's 30th-minute penalty.

Look at how Klopp turns his back to the field and paces around, looking at the ground, off into the distance or anywhere other than the goal:

Only when the crowd (which he is facing) cheers does he know that it went in and react with a celebratory double fist-pump of his own. It's pretty endearing, like a nervous dad who can't handle watching his kid step up to take a penalty kick. This appears to be a regular habit of Klopp's and it's an amusing reaction for a professional coach, who has presided over plenty of penalty kicks in his lifetime.

Liverpool went onto win by a whopping 5-1, but by the time Milner stepped up for the PK, Liverpool were only ahead by a narrow 1-0 margin on a 17th-minute Adam Lallana goal. Milner scored a second PK in the 71st minute, but it probably should've been much less nerve-racking for Klopp since Sadio Mane and Philippe Coutinho added another two goals before then.

Despite the nerves from the German manager, Klopp probably doesn't need to worry too much about Liverpool scoring goals, it seems…

Maybe his strategy of changing the color of the nets at Anfield to help his players score goals actually worked.