Jose Mourinho throws full support behind video replay to help referees

Jose Mourinho has thrown his weight behind video replay making its way into soccer matches.

“We all need it,” the Manchester United manager said in an interview with “Professionals can’t lose or win matches and titles because of a refusal of this evolution.”

Mourinho, who hasn’t been shy when it comes to questioning referees, clearly wants the technology implemented.

“Sponsors, owners and investors must feel that technology is there,” he said.

The Portuguese also offered that the implementation of video replay would be important to refs, saying officials, “need the technology to help them, protect them and to support them.”

On the surface, it makes sense. If the technology exists, why not implement it as so many other professional sports around the world have? After some initial resistance, goal line technology has become more commonplace without much complaint.

There are massive differences between the implementation of goal line technology and full-blown video replay, though. For one, goal line technology does very little to interfere with the flow of the game. If there’s a question of a goal, the referee checks the notification system on his wrist and either stops play to award the goal, or play continues.

With a video replay official, the issues become more prevalent. For starters, what exactly would be reviewable? Would a video replay official stop the game to review these plays? If that’s the case, is the match clock stopped, or would stoppage time be added?

Those are just a few of the major questions swirling around in the video replay debate. With FIFA already experimenting with the process, it’s likely just a matter of time before some form of video replay is implemented in the sport.

There are certainly kinks that will need to be worked out, but it looks like help is on the way. That should make Mourinho happy.