Jose Mourinho swerved a fan who wanted his Chelsea jersey signed

Yeah ... no.

Matthew Peters/Man Utd via Getty Images

If you’re a Chelsea fan that thought Jose Mourinho might still have a special place in his heart for the Blues, think again. While signing autographs in China as part of Manchester United’s preseason tour, the Portuguese totally swerved a fan looking to get his Chelsea shirt signed.

Just look at that headshake and stare down. The only way it could have been a more crippling rejection is if Dikembe Mutombo himself rappelled down on a zip line, swatted the kit out of the poor fan’s hand and hit him with a trademark finger wag.

And don’t let Mourinho’s wry smile afterward fool you, it looks like this guy clearly, flat out is done with Chelsea. You can’t cast a glare like this and not have anything but contempt in your heart.

You want …

.. me to …

… sign a …


Sorry, Chelsea fans (full disclosure: I am one). Your club’s best-ever manager is well and truly done with you guys. It’s time to move on from the Special One.