Jose Mourinho had Manchester United train in a parking lot yet again


Sure, Manchester United may have record-setting revenues and spent a world record fee on Paul Pogba, but don't let all that fool you. Jose Mourinho's Manchester United is a club of the everyman. Check out their training digs ahead of a clash against the Reds in Liverpool:

Yes, that is Manchester United training in a parking lot outside their hotel in Liverpool. And yes, this is the second time Mourinho has been caught having his team prepare for a match in a parking lot.

At least the previous time, the team was on smooth asphalt. This time around they are on cobblestone, which seems like a pretty risky surface to be running around on.

The last time it happened, it seemed like maybe there just weren't any available training grounds at the time the team needed to train or some other obvious explanation. But now it seems like maybe Mourinho just really likes holding training sessions in parking lots. Manchester United did beat Northampton Town after their last training lot session, so maybe he is onto something.

If Man United can topple Liverpool, then expect to see Pogba and Zlatan at a parking lots around the England.