Jones will continue to be bold

Ferguson has admitted United will never stop being reminded of the

6-1 annihilation by City at Old Trafford and revealed recently it

pains him still to think of it. Jones understands that sentiment

for it was the lowest point of his United career so far, and in all

probability will still be even if he stays at Old Trafford for the

next decade. However, the 19-year-old feels it was the by-product

of a desire for which he does not feel the need to apologise. “It

was probably my lowest point of being at Manchester United. I

played for Blackburn and got beat 7-1 by United and that wasn’t a

great feeling either,” he said. “But you have to have go, don’t

you? “You might as well get beaten 20 or 50-0. The game had

probably gone anyway. “But we have bounced back well from that, got

a great result at Everton and have got four clean sheets in a row

now.” Not that events at Old Trafford will be uppermost in his mind

tomorrow when he is set to be given the task of subduing Spain’s

multi-talented world champion squad. Facing the likes of Xavi,

Andres Iniesta and David Villa would be enough to send a shudder

down anyone’s spine. However, Jones believes any fears in the

England dressing room ahead of tomorrow’s friendly with world

champions Spain should be put into perspective when his team-mates

pull on their black armbands. “Nothing worries me,” he said. “I

love playing football. “On Saturday we are wearing poppies on our

armbands to pay respects to those who lost their lives. That puts

my job into perspective 100%. “When you think about those who have

lost their lives for our country, playing football doesn’t come

into that category. “For us to be wearing poppies on our armbands

is a great gesture.” It is an attitude that pervades all aspects of

a life Jones admits is pretty good. “Obviously you get a few

jitters before the game but that is natural,” he said. “If I didn’t

get that I would think something was wrong. “In general, what have

I got to worry about? I am competing against the best players in

the Premier League and all over the world.”