Jarvis eyes England call-up

Jarvis is on England coach Fabio Capello’s radar and there is

speculation he could be called up for next month’s friendly with

France at Wembley. It would be a just reward for the progress the

24-year-old has made during the past 12 months, although he insists

his feet remain firmly on the ground. Jarvis said: “It is

flattering when people mention your name regarding England. “To be

put alongside the names in the England squad at the moment is

fantastic. “We will have to wait and see. I’m just trying to play

well week in and week out for the club and if it does happen, it’s

fantastic. “But you watch the World Cup in the summer and it would

be a massive personal achievement to play in a competition like. It

would be incredible.” Jarvis added: “It’s been a big 12 months with

being promoted from the Championship, doing well in the Premier

League, getting some good reviews, and getting mentioned by

England. “It shows I am hopefully progressing well and moving in

the right direction.” Wolves boss Mick McCarthy confirmed the

extent of Capello’s interest in Jarvis, saying: “I was sat next to

Fabio’s assistant, Franco Baldini, at Stoke [against Manchester

United] on Sunday and he spoke highly of Jarvo. “He’s a terrific

player and is really important for us.” Jarvis is only in his

second season of top-flight football but admits the example of

veteran Manchester United winger Giggs drives him on to have a

lengthy career. He said: “My idol has always been Giggs from

growing up. I played on the wing and when I was younger he was

lightning quick, running around everyone and scoring. “He was the

player I always watched, as well as Marc Overmars and players like

that, but Giggs is still playing now and is still an amazing

player. “He has adapted in terms of how he plays now. He is

extremely fit as well. “It inspires you to have a long career. I am

enjoying the licence I’ve got to use my pace and get past players.

“Once I start losing that, I’m sure I’ll think about a different

role. “But I don’t think you will see many players like Giggs,

staying at one club and playing at the top level as well as he has

done as well.” Wolves will go into Saturday’s home game with

Manchester City having collected only one point from the last six

games, but Jarvis is convinced their fortunes will change if they

maintain their current level of performance. He said: “We are very

disappointed. We have played so well in games recently. “We have

come away with nothing when we have been in good situations in the

matches like against Fulham, Tottenham, Aston Villa and West Ham.

“We are very disappointed from that perspective but we’ve got to

take the positives in the sense we got in good positions in those

games. “We’ve got to look at it along the lines of if we keep

playing like this, it is going to turn for us.”