Italy, Paraguay level at 0-0 after 15 minutes

Defending champion Italy and Paraguay were locked at 0-0 Monday

after 15 minutes of their Group F opener at Green Point


After a day of often intense rain, the match kicked off under a

drizzle, leaving the pitch slippery. Temperatures stood at 8

degrees Celsius (46 Fahrenheit), but the swirling winds coming off

the ocean made it feel colder.

Italy took the early initiative, playing with confidence and

poise as Paraguay fell back in defense, often leaving only one man

in Italy’s half. Midfielder Riccardo Montolivo had two long-range

shots blocked.

In the first minute, Montolivo went down after a rash tackle

from Christian Riveros.

Italy opened its defense with six members of its 2006 squad in

the team.