Is this the most ridiculous save of the year?

This save doesn’t make sense. Like, at all. I still haven’t figured out how much of this is pure good fortune, how much is the human body’s insane capability for pulling off the spectacular, and just how this happened.

Peter Jeffries of non-league Consett AFC got caught on his near post when the ball’s fizzed across the face of goal. Despite being alone in the box, the ball found a South Shields attacker, who redirected it goalward. Somehow. Somehow, Jeffries skated across his line, got a paw on the ball, and spin-cycled himself — and the ball — out of danger, never allowing it to cross the plane.

It was an impossible move, and it makes absolutely no sense.

Even the goalkeeper himself couldn’t figure it out.

Some things are best left unexplained, and this may be one of them. But I would like some answers.

How, Sway?