Is this the most hilarious dive of the year?


We’ve seen some absurd dives, but this might take the cake.

In a Brazilian Serie B match on Saturday, Goiás forward Rossi and Vila Nova’s Marcelo Cordeiro got into each other’s faces a little bit, when suddenly their repelling magnetic fields sent both of them crashing to the ground like sacks of potatoes.

Stunning! And here we were thinking synchronized diving was just an aquatic sport at the Olympics.

This is also hard proof that diving is an art. Sure, it can be annoying, infuriating, sometimes just downright embarrassing. But there’s undeniably some skill involved when perfecting a dive. And if two opponents with the same idea and same perfect execution time it just right, we get an absolute gem like this one.

So, is this the best dive of the year? How can it not be?