Is this Adam Lallana whiff the miss of the season?

Some misses are so bad you can’t even process them as they happen. Some misses you have to just sit quietly and ruminate on, because they’re just that bad.

One such miss happened on Sunday during Liverpool vs. Manchester City:

With 80 minutes gone, Adam Lallana was the (un)lucky recipient of an incredible piece of play from the ever-present and magnificent Georginio Wijnaldum and his buck-toothed partner in crime, Roberto Firmino. Perhaps already planning out his celebration in his mind before the ball reached him, or maybe the victim of tiny malevolent fairies guiding his right foot astray, Lallana fluffed his chance with the utmost confidence.

Time almost seems to slow down as he awkwardly jabs at the bouncing ball. Willy Caballero’s body seems to freeze in mid air as he flails to no avail at what should have been Liverpool’s winner. Lallana himself is caught deep in the throes of despair as the ball trickles away.

It’s as bad of a miss as we’ve seen in a long time. It’s the kind of soul crusher that ruins a player’s confidence in front of goal. This man may never score again.

Poor fella.