Irwin expects SAF to continue

Ferguson celebrated a quarter of a century in charge at Old

Trafford last weekend, during which he has led United to a glut of

trophies, including 12 Premier League and two Champions League

titles. Former defender Irwin, who enjoyed a significant share of

the glory as a United player between 1990 and 2002, has been

particularly impressed by the 69-year-old’s ability to keep

regenerating dynamic teams over the years, as well his

determination to overcome each new major rival that has come along.

Irwin said: “I think it is incredible in this day and age to look

after a top club for so long and to go through so many teams within

that 25 years. “There was the powerful side in the early 90’s, then

all the young lads came through in the mid-90’s. “Even since then

he has had to change players, but there has been success all along

the way. “I think the way Manchester United play football as well,

they try to entertain, playing with wingers. I think it is

phenomenal what he has done there over a very successful 25 years.

“Certainly there have been challenges along the way and when he

came, United hadn’t won the league for such a long time. “Liverpool

were the successful team in the late 80’s, so that was his first

challenge. “Then Leeds was the challenge, then Blackburn spent a

bit of money and won the league in 1995 and that was the next

challenge. “For the remainder of the 90s it was Arsenal, then

Chelsea came aboard and of course, in the last couple of years, the

next challenge has become Manchester City. “That is going to be a

big one because of the amount of resources they have – so I think

he will be going on for quite a while yet.”