Ireland asks fans for more time

The 24-year-old joined Villa as part of the deal that took James

Milner to Manchester City before the transfer window closed.

However, Ireland is yet to show any of the goalscoring exploits he

demonstrated during his time at the City of Manchester Stadium.

Ireland and Villa produced a disappointing display at the weekend

when Bolton came from a goal down to claim a 1-1 draw. The Republic

of Ireland midfielder knows he is performing below par and believes

he will be producing his best in the coming months. “Of course, I’m

still getting to understand the players out there on the pitch,

still finding my feet,” said Ireland. “I pulled my hamstring, but

I’m getting there. I hope by Christmas everything will be good.”

Villa have a new manager in the shape of Gerard Houllier and

Ireland is hoping the Frenchman can get the best out of his

potential. “I don’t know much about how he deals with things as a

manager,” he added. “Hopefully he can get the best out of me.”