Injury threat worries Wilshere

As expected, Wilshere was omitted from Stuart Pearce’s squad

yesterday despite previously claiming a strong desire to be

involved. Arsene Wenger had already made his opposition known. But

it was not until Wilshere sat down with the Arsenal medical staff

that he realised precisely what was happening. “It didn’t really

sink in at first but the figures just kept going down, on a

downward spiral,” said Wilshere. “It scared me a bit and made me

realise as much as I can keep going and going, there’s a time when

you’re going to hit the wall. Maybe that was coming. “It showed

that I was heading for an injury and that is the last thing I want.

“I am 19 and with the Euros coming up, it was in everyone’s best

interests for me to rest. I think Stuart Pearce agreed with me.”

Wilshere has been included in Fabio Capello’s squad for England’s

Euro 2012 qualifier with Switzerland at Wembley on June 4.