Injured Woody staying positive

The centre-back returned from a 16-month absence due to a worrying

groin problem on Tuesday when he came off the bench to help Spurs

to a 1-0 victory at AC Milan in the Champions League last-16.

Woodgate strained his left adductor muscle during that 31-minute

outing and will now spend a further two weeks on the sidelines. But

the former England international is determined to beat his latest

problem and win back a regular spot in the Tottenham first-team.

“Injuries are part and parcel of the game but you never give up,”

said Woodgate. “A lot of people said I’d never get back but I kept

fighting and the comments that I’d never get back spurred me on.

“You just have to keep going – you prove people wrong who said you

wouldn’t get back and you prove right those people who said you

will. “There were a lot of tough days but at the end of the day

there is only you that can get on with it and can stay mentally

tough and strong and wait for your chance. “I don’t give up, I

never give up. There were a lot of people with different opinions

that said I would never play, but I took all of that with a pinch

of salt. I am determined to get fully fit, I won’t let anyone say

that I can’t get fit.” He added: “If you want to play football

again, you have to be mentally tough. There are things you have to

try. I’m sure I can play a regular a part for Spurs again. Of

course I can.”