I’m not being greedy, says SWP

Manchester City winger Shaun Wright-Phillips says he has been upset by a breakdown in talks over a new contract and denies he is being greedy.

The England international is reportedly seeking a 25 per cent pay rise on weekly wages of £60,000.

He still has more than two years remaining of the four-year deal he signed in August 2008, when he returned to Eastlands after a spell with Chelsea.

Wright-Phillips, 28, claims he would happily commit the rest of his career to City.

He told The Sun: "I try not to get personally involved because I just want to concentrate on giving 110 per cent for City to make sure we get that fourth place in the Premier League.

"But it does hurt. It is disappointing. And I repeat, it’s nothing to do with money or me being greedy.

"One thing that I definitely don’t want to do is get into how much other players earn at this football club.

"Obviously, I know there are players here who earn more than twice what I do. But that’s not the issue for me.

"This is not about my bank account, it’s about where I want to be and doing what I want to do."

He added: "I can’t work out why there’s still a delay, unless they don’t want me and are trying to get me out."