Iker Casillas responds on Twitter after his FIFA character drops a howler

Spain legend and Porto goalkeeper Iker Casillas is one of the few pro athletes who typically manages his own social media. He often responds to people who tweet to him, and he can get relatively touchy from time to time when fans or trolls decide to target him with abuse. This time we got to see the funny side of Iker when a fan uploaded a video of his video game avatar dropping an absolute CLANGER in FIFA 17.

The fan is pretty sympathetic, saying “FIFA are some jerks”, and he gets a positive response out of San Iker.

“I’m sure that they’ll take this play out of the game and analyze it for hours and hours, what do you think?” says the Porto man.

EA Sports couldn’t resist hopping in on it either, and they dropped in a real highlight to help save his video game name, saying “there’s also this save!”

That seemed to please Casillas, who responded: “They won’t take this play out of the game!! The video game version of me is better than the real thing!!”

If we’re being honest, the two highlights represent modern day Casillas pretty well. He’s still capable of pulling off the spectacular, but he’s had a few real clangers in the last couple seasons as well.

Art really does imitate life.